Friday, April 8, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Carrots anyone?  I saw this post a few weeks ago, and I was immediately obsessed with the idea of throwing a carrot themed party. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But fun anyway. I got the idea for these carrot napkins here.

Carrot napkins with plastic cutlery inside.

Can to hold the carrot napkins.

More carrot napkins.

Carrot box to hold the wicked awesome prize for the winner of the egg bash.

Even though I have no problem holding a party just for decorations I like, I thought it might me a good idea to have a reason for people to come besides cute decorations. The party is in honor of the annual Easter Egg Bash! What on Earth is an egg bash you say? I'm glad you asked.

An egg bash is when you take two eggs, preferably boiled and decorated, and slide them together, tapping twice and on three crash them together. One breaks, the other wins. We play double elimination tournament style, so each person needs two eggs. When I say we, I mean the Hecker clan. I have no idea how or why this tradition started, but you better believe it is a big deal at the Hecker house. There is a very official bracket and the winner gets to keep their egg on the window sill above the kitchen sink until they are done with it (or until my mom sneakily throws it out). There isn't usually an official prize for the winner, but I wanted to make a carrot box. Plus, I thought since we were including non-Heckers it might help their enthusiasm for the sport.

Apparently they do something similar in Berne every year, but I think they hold the eggs rather than sliding them along a table. Berne Egg Bash.


  1. I love your carrot adaptations, your guests are really going to enjoy the egg bash!

  2. I have another friend who does an egg bash with all the leftover eggs AFTER easter - but I think it's a fabulous excuse for a carrot party. :D SO cute!