Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Rules

The rules are complicated. And hard to find. I made a really awesome inspiration board for my birthday party (I know my birthday isn't for another 2 months, don't judge me) but I don't think I am really allowed to post the pictures here, but I am not really sure. I realize the number of people who read this blog combined with how much money would (not) be made by posting the pictures makes it a pretty sure bet I wouldn't get sued, but I am scared of angry people so . . . well here are the colors I picked anyway.
Also, it turns out my favorite flavors are consistent with my favorite colors, so I have a flavor palette too. Chocolate, almond, and blackberry. Yum. I guess the rest of my ideas will just have to be a surprise!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Cover Print-outs

I originally thought I would create this using a mash-up of photos, but the harder I tried the worse it looked. After changing my method, I am fairly pleased with the result.

I love the lotus graphic I found (don't panic, it is public domain), but I am not sure I like the way the falling lotuses look on the book cover. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When I am old . . .

This was a total whirl wind experience as far as party planning goes. I was only a small part of the process, and my amazing sister-in-laws did the rest!

Salad and pomegranate 7-up followed by amazing soup and breadsticks.

There were cards for the guests to guess how many candies were in each jar, but they all contained 60 candies in honor of the birthday girl.

The cupcakes were chocolate, filled with raspberry curd and then topped with raspberry buttercream - yum!

Happy Birthday Nana!

Book Cover Thumbnails & Roughs

These are the beginning of an upcoming assignment. Stay tuned . . .