Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yellow Party - Part 2

After the original party there were a TON of leftover desserts, so I decided to throw a last minute lunch the day after. Only one of my friends could make it on such short notice, but I was able to get some more pictures. I hadn't taken very many pictures the first time round because I was running late and the quests were already there!

The backdrop is just a computer addition, but it would have been fun to have a real one!

When I was scouting out materials for this party yellow was looking kind of scarce, but it worked in my favor - yellow candy melts for $1! I used them on the cupcakes (modeling chocolate is my new favorite thing), creme drops, and the Oreo truffles.


Popcorn Boxes - Walmart
Creme Drops - Walmart
Cupcake Stand Tutorial - Modern Moments
Cupcake Tutorial - Jessicakes
Labels & Event Design - Wendy Sue Boutique

Valentine Luncheon

Hey look I'm famous! Sort of.

Read all about my Valentine Lunch here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two for One Party Decorations

Remember the time I made a dessert table layout? Yes, I actually measured everything out - I am my own kind of nerd. Well this is how it looked in real life.

I didn't get very many pictures, so when I got all the decoration home I set them up again and invited a bunch of people over for lunch the next day. With less than 24 hours notice only one person could come, but I am calling it a success.
Two of the exact same table just slightly different heights . . . I did not anticipate that.

Bonus Table

Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Works

I recently submitted my portfolio to be admitted into the art program and these were the ten pictures I chose. 10 didn't seem like a lot until I started gathering images - it turns out I haven't really done very many finished pieces in the last two years. Actually, all but one of these are assignments from last semester. Some of them I love, some of them are just meh.

I am exercising some extreme will power not making disclaimers about all of these, so make of them what you will.

Pictograms - The Real Deal

I had to make some rather large adjustments from my sketches and roughs in order to get these to read well for the assignment, but I like how they turned out in the end.
The theme (if that is what it should be called) is party planning, and the categories are invitations, decorations, and food. The goal is for that to be very obvious though, so hopefully you already knew that.